Regine Bechtler, sporting a new peace jacket, recently had the pleasure of attending a sculpting class at the Penland School of Crafts that was hosted by the very gifted Cristina Cordova. Ms. Cordova, originally from Puerto Rico, specializes in incredibly expressive human sculptures. In the span of only a few hours, Ms. Cordova transformed a dull lump of clay into an incredibly realistic human figure, seemingly caught in mid-motion.

Not only does she reveal the hidden potential for a soul in an utterly inanimate thing, but Ms. Cordova is also a fabulous cook! The workshop participators were treated to an exquisite taste of Puerto Rican cuisine for lunch.

The whole experience of this workshop was an absolute delight that Regine highly recommends for any artist who takes inspiration from the complexity and beauty that makes the human figure so aesthetically pleasing.